• Regency/Victorian dance in Christchurch led by Natalia Oryshchuck and Myriam Layton.  You’ll find their FaceBook page here
  • Hamilton is lucky to host such a vibrant teacher.  Fiona Murdoch, dance lover and inspiring leader of Dance Folkus proposes regular courses in International and historical dance as well as many events in the area.
  • Here you will find the Auckland English Country and Early dance group.  They have a regular class on Friday.


  • John and Aylwen Gardiner-Garden share a deep passion for dance, music, history and costume.  They created Earthly Delights and present workshops, classes, events and publications.

FRANCE and Neighbours

  • Cecile Laye is the artistic director of Chestnut, a company based in Paris that presents beautifully executed French Renaissance and English figure dances.
  • Rigodons et Traditions presents traditional dances collected by Jocelyne and Christian Vignon in the Dauphiné region.
  • Bassa Toscana is a Burgundy based company that focuses on Medieval and Renaissance dance.
  • La Companie Trifolium located in Belgium does research work on medieval dance and presents community workshops and performances.
  • Waraok is an energetic medieval street band from Ille-et-Vilaine (Bretagne).
  • The Bordeaux dance company Christine Grimaldi presents works bridging contemporary expression and cultural patrimony.
  • Le Grand Bal de l’Europe in Gennetines (Centre) is THE big Summer festival not to be missed if you travel through France at the time.
  • On the Musictrad site, you will find all the info you need about “bals Trad” and festivals in France.
  • Stéphane Milleret is an amazingly talented button accordionist, alongside Norbert Pignol, he is one of the leaders the revival of traditional music in France.



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